Copperhaven School


Richard Presseau

Grade 5 Teachers

About Me

There is nothing quite like going home. I’m excited to be teaching in my home community of Spruce Grove. My wife and I have been a part of the Parkland community since we were children.

During the past fourteen years I have been primarily teaching Grade 2 with a little Grade 3 thrown into the mix. I have also taught Phys-Ed for multiple grades and several different junior high option classes.

I look forward to meeting all of my kiddos who will be joining me this year in Grade 2.

My belief is that students need a balanced learning environment that includes:

  • Being immersed in literacy;
  • Cooperating with classmates;
  • Guided practice;
  • Quiet study;
  • Hands-on exploration; and
  • Not being afraid to make mistakes.

I provide a safe and caring environment for all of my students while having lots of fun learning about the curriculum. My love of superheroes and my dog Dug might also be integrated into our classroom!