Copperhaven School


Education Plan

Copperhaven School aligns its Education Plan with the Division’s Education Plan while responding to the local and unique priorities of our own school community. You will find content from our previously printed reports in an easy to read and easy to find format in the Education Plan section of our website.

For previous versions of the Education Plan or Combined Annual Education Results Report, please contact the school directly.

Assurance Report

As a member of the Parkland School Division family of schools, Copperhaven School utilizes a robust Assurance Model to understand stakeholder feedback better. Working with an Assurance Model means that Copperhaven School, Parkland School Division and the Board of Trustees actively seek to reveal all avenues for stakeholders to tell us how we are attending to our goals and priorities. One important part of our Assurance Model is deriving stakeholder feedback through insightful comments made by parents, staff, community members and students.

Copperhaven School continuously gathers feedback from a variety of sources, including students, parents, staff, the school division and the greater community. Our Assurance Report will capture the strengths, opportunities, aspirations and expected results that we gathered throughout last year. In keeping with an Assurance Model, this report provides the narrative for our achievements and challenges, and will be presented on our school website once available.

Accountability Pillar Reports

  • The 2018-2019 Copperhaven School Accountability Pillar Results Summary Report will be posted here once available.

Provincial Achievement Tests

  • The 2018-2019 Copperhaven School Provincial Achievement Tests Summary Report will be posted here once available.